By Mark Masters of the ID Group

A HUSBAND and wife team from Wimborne have built loyalty to their business from addressing the problems of others.

An entire business model has been built around sharing knowledge to an audience and utilising email, search and social.

Tarryn and Tim Poulton run PCOS Diet Support, a support, education and information provider for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). The programme is formed from Tarryn’s story linked to diet and health that led to her having two children.

PCOS is a condition that affects how the ovaries work. In the UK, seven out of 100 women are affected by PCOS and have difficulty in becoming pregnant as well as other symptoms.

Tarryn took a decision to change her daily routine by introducing exercise and a low GI diet.

Evidence centred on Tarryn’s story and a belief that a lifestyle commitment can alter a diagnosis that looks at drugs and surgery.

PCOS Diet Support has built a subscribed audience of more than 50,000 people and is considered a trusted source for other women with PCOS. The online programmes focus on video, meal plans, emails and private groups, focusing on educating an audience on a change of habit.

Tarryn said: “The site initially listened to women’s requests for dietary support and meal plans which resulted in the development of the first product, a monthly subscription service where women get weekly, seasonal PCOS-friendly meal plans.”

They have since expanded into full online teaching programmes, giving women the tools that they need to manage their PCOS independently.

By using evidence and sharing knowledge, Tarryn and Tim are building a business by sharing experiences and a path for others to follow. PCOS Diet Support is becoming a recognised domain of authority globally.

Looking into 2018, Tim said: “While we will be focusing on growing PCOS Diet Support, we equally have a desire to help other families to discover the freedom that an online business can bring to most areas of family life. For us that is spending time together while travelling, outside of the normal 9-5 office hours.

“We currently share our online business journey at”

n Tarryn and Tim speak at the You Are The Media Conference, organised by Mark Masters, at Shelley Theatre on Thursday May 24 2018. This event, backed by the Daily Echo, includes speakers such as Mark Schaefer, author of Known and The Content Code. Visit