FROM the recent reports from the BMA, General Practitioners are unhappy with the way the health service is going.

In 1948 on the 5th July the National Health Service was born.

At that time GPs were very pleased because they could no longer ask patients for payment.

Most patients in those days did not have much money and the then doctors were very caring and often not well off themselves.

Fast forward to 2017. General practitioners, who have benefited from an excellent education, are now whinging about actually doing any real work.

For example, no house visits, no surgery open during the lunch hour. No surgery after 6pm for people who have jobs. The list is endless.

Not forgetting the receptionists at medical practices. "Must protect the doctor at all times from ill people." "Poor doctor is overworked and underpaid". I think not.

A doctor is governed by the guidelines of the NHS. He is paid by the government.

These wages come from his patients through their taxes.

Doctors need to shape up or go abroad. There are any number of very trained and caring doctors and surgeons from overseas who are living in this country and well able to take the place of our lazy and complacent GPs.


Banks Road, Poole