NOW that the future of local government has in this area been effectively determined- with one Council for Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch -may I hope that careful scrutiny will be given to the composition of wards within the new Council ?

At the present time in terms of its current 54 ward Councillors Bournemouth has been blessed, if that is the right term, with too many Councillors, and expense, in relation to population- 54 Councillors, with a population of 197,000, considerably in excess of other local unitary authorities (Bristol with a population of 454,00 has just 71 councillors)

That will be swept away when local government reorganisation takes place - currently Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch have 120 Councillors between them. A new Council should, in my view, have no more than 60 Councillors representing 60 wards, one Councillor per ward ensuring, as with Members of Parliament, direct responsibility for the ward so represented.

I would also suggest so as to permit a fairer and more balanced Council that Councillor representation should not exceed three 4 year terms of office, and that a compulsory retirement age of 70 be introduced.

Fewer Councillors, maximum of three year terms of office and retirement at 70 would, in my view, revitalise local democracy.

Gordon Cann

Craigmoor Avenue, Bournemouth