X FACTOR winner James Arthur is bringing his first ever arena tour to Bournemouth this month.

The Say You Won’t Let Go singer who has achieved multiple number ones, a platinum selling album and two BRIT nominations, took time out to answer some questions for The Guide.

Is there a new album coming this year?

“That’s a new album in the making. I can’t say. When it’s ready it’s ready.”

What are your rituals when you go on stage?

“Because of my voice I’m never without a honey and lemon in my hand. We listen to a lot of nineties R&B, that tends to be the theme. D’Angelo or something to get everyone feeling ready and feeling fun and light-hearted.”

Are you still following the vegan lifestyle?

“Yeah. I feel really good at the moment. It’s only been a couple of months I’ve been off the cheese. I never really had a lot of dairy in my diet anyway ‘cos as a vocalist it’s not great. Singers get sick easily. When you’re travelling around and doing a lot of shows, with the air con and travelling, sinusitis is a recurring issue. I haven’t been eating meat for the best part of a couple of years anyway so I feel better. I feel energised. I feel my head is clearer. Each to their own, I’m not here preaching the vegan life to anyone else. It’s working for me. What’s amazing is 85% of us are lactose intolerant. We love pizza so much we ignore it.”

What’s your treat after a show?

“A beer, or a glass of whiskey or a glass of red wine. For the majority of the One Republic tour I didn’t really have a drink. I was trying to keep myself healthy because I kept losing my voice. I was like: ‘I can’t go out with the boys. I can’t do it. I can’t really let myself go. I’ve got to focus on the voice’. By the last quarter of the tour I was sick of thinking about it and started having a little glass of red after the show. It helped me unwind so that’s been the treat. It’s such a weird thing after a show; you have this comedown because it’s a climax when you’re on stage. The treat is just to chill really, unless there’s a day off the next day and you party maybe, or maybe not.”

What can the audience at the BIC expect from your show? Will you consider any stunts?

“The focus is always on the music. I’m going to have an eight-piece band and it’s going to be all about the sound. We want people to come and have an amazing sonic experience. I want people to really feel the music. The visuals and the lighting will accentuate all that. I want to have bits of my hometown and bits of my heritage on the visuals, slot machines and arcade machines on stage, that kind of visual stuff. Stuff that represents where I came from and I feel excited about.”

Do you have any memories of Bournemouth from your last gig?

“I remember the first time I went to do a gig in Bournemouth I’d never really heard of it. I thought it sounded like it might be a bit boring but it ended up being the best show on that particular tour and the crowd was phenomenal. I just give everything and hope the crowd receives it well.”

Do you get a chance to look around the towns you’re visiting?

“I have, but usually during the day you just want to chill backstage and lie on a sofa. It’s the calm before the storm. When the adrenaline kicks it by the end of the day you’re completely drained so it’s good to relax beforehand.”

Do you still suffer from nerves before going on stage?

“Yes, all the time. Not in the same way that I used to. It used to be really bad - I’d get crippling nerves - but I don’t have it anymore. I have a little bit of the heart flutter then as soon as you’re out there in front of the crowd and they react to the first song, you’re into the spirit of it.”

James Arthur will be at the BIC on Thursday, November 30. See bhlivetickets.co.uk.