SHE PLAYS Eleven, a girl with psychokinetic powers in the blockbusting Netflix series Stranger Things.

But Millie Bobby Brown's star quality was obvious from the day she arrived at her primary school in Bournemouth, says her former teacher.

Gemma Hill, who taught Millie in Years 1 and 3 said Millie, now worth a reported £5 million, was a 'real little actress'.

"She loved any kind of performance, she would always come in quite excitedly around the time of Britain’s Got Talent and I think, although I'm not sure, she may even have entered at one point," said Mrs Hill, who now teaches Year 2.

"You could see she had the quality, the ambition and the drive; she knew that performing was what she wanted to do and she loved being on stage, singing and dancing."

Millie Bobby is believed to have lived in the Winton area with her parents, Robert, a former estate agent, her mother, Kelly, older sister, Paige, and brother, Charlie.

She was born in Spain, where her grandparents ran a restaurant and after returning to Bournemouth the family then moved to Florida when Millie was eight, when her father started up a new business.

After enrolling in stage-school Millie was spotted and urged to move to Los Angeles to try for Hollywood roles.

Her family moved with her and though they reportedly suffered money troubles, allegedly resorting to borrowing from Millie's manager, they stuck it out until 2015 when they moved back to the UK.

Millie is quoted as saying: "There were times we didn't know if we could afford food or pay the rent. It was very hard. There were lots of tears."

Then they learned that Millie had won the role of Eleven, a shaven-headed child with psychokinetic abilities and limited speech, in Stranger Things.

During her time at Pokesdown, Mrs Hill was engaged to give Millie some home tutoring and on the family's brief return to the UK she was engaged again.

"She’d done some American home schooling online, for children who act, and because her mum is really conscientious, she always liked to top up Millie's learning," said Mrs Hill. "Millie worked hard and her parents were always really keen to involve her with learning and wanted her to do well and also to have the opportunities that perhaps weren't available in this area or this country."

She also remembers Millie in the school nativity play and representing her class in the annual talent show.

"She is very well remembered here and I'm sure we'd love to see her if she could come back and visit us," she said.

Since her Stranger Things success, Millie has appeared in Teen Vogue, which announced: 'The future is Millie', and was also named as one of Time Magazine's Influential Teens of 2017.

She has also signed to star in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, sequel to the blockbusting Godzilla.