A WOMAN said she was left looking “50 years older” after a ‘bogus” cosmetic surgeon treated her with a dangerous Botox solution, a court has heard.

Pictures of Marcelle King, who lives in Poole, were shown to jurors on the second day of a trial at Bournemouth Crown Court yesterday.

The 62-year-old’s face swelled rapidly after she was allegedly administered with what she believed was Botox by Ozan Melin.

Prosecutors claim Melin, 41, had no medical qualifications, but gave injections to three women, all of whom were caused grievous bodily harm.

Mrs King texted Melin’s then-wife Lisa Bolster to say she “looked 50 years older”, finishing the text with a sad face emoji, it was heard.

The complainant paid hundreds of pounds for Botox to her forehead and jawline.

Another woman, Jozette Sheppard, 46, was left unable to “eat, speak or smile” for six months after being treated by Melin, it was heard.

She told jurors she felt embarrassed to smile after her treatment.

Mrs Sheppard attended two appointments after the first failed to have an effect.

“When he was doing the left side some squirted out and he said he was putting plenty in to make sure it worked this time,” she said.

“This time it was very painful.

“Afterwards as time went on it got more and more uncomfortable, hotter and hotter.

“During the evening it was like my head was on fire, really burning.

“It started swelling by my eyebrows and I had to lie down because I couldn’t open my eyes.

“When I work up and couldn’t open my eyes and I screamed.

“It spread down my face.

“The left side of my face I could hardly move for about three or four months.

“It was extremely embarrassing, the fact it was because I had Botox.

“I didn’t want to laugh because I looked stupid, when I laughed my face distorted.

“Apparently I looked very odd when I spoke and eating was a bit messy.”

It was alleged that in a series of text messages, Bolster told Mrs Sheppard that she had been having Botox and fillers for six years and she had suffered similar effects on around six occasions.

Bolster said: “It sucks, it always goes down though”, jurors heard.

Melin, from Uxbridge, Middlesex, allegedly ran a mobile clinic called The Smooth Face Botox Company and carried out treatments at beauty salons and customers’ homes.

He denies three counts of causing grievous bodily harm and three charges of fraud.

Bolster, 51 and of the Huntick Estate in Lytchett Matravers, has pleaded not guilty to three counts of fraud and one of unauthorised use of a trademark.

Police allegedly discovered glass vials labelled ‘Botox’ in her freezer.

The substances were tested by the makers of Botox, Allergan Ltd, and found to be counterfeit.

The trial continues.