PLANS have been lodged to demolish a cafe in Christchurch town centre and build a new restaurant and apartment complex.

The proposals for Wishes, at Bank Close, seek to replace the current single storey building with a three storey mixed development.

The scheme shows a cafe/restaurant on the ground floor, with a two-bedroom flat on both the first and second floors.

Steve Pugh, owner of Wishes, said the replacement building is desperately needed and coincides with a development nearby.

"We have owned it for about 20 years. The building is dilapidated and in such a poor condition that we have decided the right thing to do is rebuild it with accommodation above.

"There is no set time scale on when we are looking to get this done by.

"At this stage the plans have been submitted and we will see what the council has to say about it.

"We're looking at this with a long term view."

Mr Pugh also said he has a great relationship with Steve and Cheryl Hart who run the cafe and has been discussing the scheme at length with them about putting the plans in.

"They have been lovely people to have as tenants for the last 18 years or so and we're very much looking forward to continuing this into the future," he added.

The plans have been produced by Christchurch-based Aspire Architects.

In support of the application, a statement from the architects, says: "There would be no detrimental impact to any neighbouring properties due to these proposals.

"The proposed development has been designed in a way would that would enhance and benefit the area, while also improving business opportunities."

Comments can be up made on the application up until November 8 by contacting the Christchurch Borough Council.