THEY are the inspirational teenagers who make the world a better place for people around them.

And now they will be the belles of the ball thanks to a kind-hearted businesswoman who has given away free designer prom dresses.

Tracie Beardsley, of Fab Frocks in Westbourne, has awarded five girls the title of Prom Queen of Hearts after launching a competition to recognise teenagers who make a difference.

Tracie said: “This is not about what someone looks like from the outside. It is all about what is inside them. How special they are. We wanted to know what they do to make the world a better place for those around them.”

The winners are Becca Critchell from Avonbourne School, Bournemouth, Stevie Sherwood and Georgia Taylor, of St Edward’s School, Poole, Holly Tundley, from The Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester and Jessica Cavanagh, from New Forest Academy.

Becca nominated by mum Rachael for being ‘kind, caring, compassionate and selfless’ grew her hair last year for the charity Little Princess Trust and cut off 12 inches to be used for a wig for a child suffering from cancer, raising £300.

Stevie was nominated for holding the family together when her mum Zowie, a nurse at Poole Hospital, works 80 hour weeks taking on various jobs as well as cleaning for her poorly grandma.

Zowie said: “Housework, dinner, lunches, washing, uniforms, homework, dog walking, after school clubs! You name it, Stevie takes on these responsibilities of her own accord to make my life easier. Stevie is so selfless doing all of this whilst knee deep in revision. She also cleans for my poorly mum twice weekly, all again from the goodness of her heart.

“I’m sure she doesn’t realise what a difference she makes but honestly without Stevie’s help, so many others lives would be unmanageable.”

Georgia was diagnosed with scoliosis, a curve in the spine in 2015 and was nominated for her resilience.

Mum Tina said: “Georgia has always been a bubbly, happy and kind-hearted girl. She will always be in pain yet she still does all her activities and dancing." This is not life threatening and she copes really well, never moaning as there are a lot of worse situations out there but on her prom day she deserves to feel special.”

Holly was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2015 and endured a seven hour operation to put metal rods down the length of her spine. Her mum Jessica Wroe said: “Eleven months on Holly is doing well and her confidence is building but she is conscious of her scars so finding the right prom dress for her was crucial. She is the most beautiful girl inside and out.”

Jessica who dedicates her spare time to helping others, was nominated by her mum Nicola. The schoolgirl volunteers at a club for adults with learning disabilities, helps with a disco for vulnerable adults, gives up her lunch break to help younger students and recently donated the £100 community award she won from school for a Christmas lunch so local older people would not be alone.

She said: “Jessica is a beautiful person both inside and out. She is always so kind and considerate to others at all times.”