If you’re after a red hot menu full of choice and food that packs a punch without breaking the bank, The Inferno in Holdenhurst Road is the place for you.

The place is decorated simply with no-nonsense but quirky features; a Scalextric set mounted on the wall for example, give this place character.

And with sofas, pool tables, a beer garden and a selection of vintage game consoles adorning some of tables the atmosphere is friendly, fun and relaxed - it’s a real home away from home.

Taking up a table that ensured a screen was out of sight of my partner – trust us to pick a night that football was on – we began to study the recently revamped menu.

We had heard prior to our visit that portions were generous and so were planning to skip starters and head straight for the main event.

But after a long time deliberating, the barman suggested we order the brand new ‘Pachos’ (£7.45) to start to buy us more important decision-time. Oh and no that’s not a typo.

‘Pachos’ is a concoction of mini poppadoms in three flavours topped with sour cream, mango chutney, chillies, spring onion and coriander, served with a vegetable coconut curry to dip. Something I have not come across before but something I will definitely be ordering again. The poppadoms were crisp and the coconut curry was full of flavour and the perfect accompaniment. Be warned though, it’s big and could easily be a sharing starter between four people.

It was then a matter of ‘quick order before I change my mind’.

There was everything from a ribs to aromatic Vegetable Penang curry, a fresh Lime and Chilli Chicken Salad to a pulled pork open burrito. But I’ve always been a burger fan and was set on a patty. But even with that decided there was about five burger options including the burger of the month – the meatzza. That’s right a pizza burger!

Finally I opted for the New York Bagel Burger (£7.45) with skinny fries. Served in a toasted bagel the patty was fresh and had the desired texture – probably up there with the best tasting beef patties I’ve had. Topped with cheese, bacon, pulled cured boneless beef rib and sliced gherkins this burger was going to be a force to be reckoned with. Presented on a tray with the fries loaded into a tin cup it was a meal that wouldn’t look out of place on Instagram.

My partner opted for the All New Dirty Burger (£9.95), a 6oz cheese and bacon beef burger, topped with a cheese and bacon-topped southern-fried chicken fillet, pulled pork, BBQ sauce and sliced gherkins with sweet potato fries. Dirty by name, dirty by nature.

By the look of things this one wasn’t easy to eat but by going by the clear tray at the end, I think we had a happy, and very-full customer.

My belly was telling me no but having not tried one before I really wanted to give the freakshake (£6.45) a go. I mean who can resist a vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudgecake milkshake poured into a glass smothered in Nutella Hazelnut spread and Smarties, topped with a chocolate fudge cake wedge, a double chocolate chip cookie, candyfloss, squirty cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate flavoured sauce and icing sugar. It totally hit the straw-clogging spot. Although, again it’s defiantly shareable.

If you’re after fine dining, The Inferno, probably isn’t for you. But if you’re after generous portions, competitive prices and great tasting food served with a smile then you know where to go.