A PARKING attendant has been pictured parking on double yellow lines - before writing a ticket for another vehicle.

The attendant, who was driving a white van marked with Bournemouth Borough Council's logo, was spotted in Ascham Road on March 22.

But council officials say the worker hasn't broken any rules.

Gary Powell, head of traffic management, said: “Vehicles that are used to provide a statutory service are permitted to park on double yellow lines under an exemption within the traffic regulation order.

"We do not encourage enforcement officers to park on yellow lines when carrying out their duties.

"However, sometimes there is no other opportunity to park in order to deal with a contravention.

"In this particular case, the vehicle was not left unattended and officers were responding to a complaint about a particular vehicle."

The Bournemouth resident who snapped the photos said: "How embarrassing - the council vehicle is parked on double yellow lines while the motorist gets booked."