MEMBERS of the public have expressed their concern that some cyclists are riding brakeless bikes through Bournemouth Square.

It comes after a courier for takeaway delivery firm Deliveroo was spotted illegally cycling through the busy pedestrian area on a fixed-wheel bicycle. Another cyclist was riding a small BMX without brakes.

As reported in the Daily Echo, a spokesperson for Deliveroo said they would be investigating the incident “immediately”. They said riders found breaking the law would not continue to be employed by the company.

The issue of brakeless bikes was highlighted nationally following last week’s jailing of Charlie Alliston over the death of Kim Briggs in London.

The Daily Echo spoke to a number of people who were shocked to hear brakeless bikes were being ridden through Bournemouth Square.

Caroline Carpenter said: “What happened to Kim Briggs was disgusting, horrific. I think cycling through the Square is a bad idea in general as there are just too many pedestrians and someone could get knocked over.

“I bought an electric bike recently, but I stick to the back streets and the parks,” she added.

Jennett Howlett said: “Brakeless bikes shouldn’t be allowed there. And I think people should be banned from cycling in the Square unless they’re pushing their bikes. There are a lot of elderly people who come off the bus and walk through here and there are lots of people with young children. There’s just not enough room for cyclists when it’s busy.”

Patrik Schulz was pushing his bicycle through Bournemouth Square. “I thought I might not be allowed to cycle through here,” he said.

“But I’m not worried about cyclists going through here. If you’re cycling carefully, you can manage it.”

Mavis Jackson said: “My husband and I used to cycle – we once cycled 625 miles in a fortnight, but only on the roads. It’s scary for those of us who are older as our mobility decreases, and cyclists sometimes come up behind you with no warning from a bell. I would prefer it if they got off their bicycles and walked through the Square. There’s a lot of people sitting and enjoying walking through the area.”