TWO escape room fanatics broke a record in Bournemouth after completing their 500th game at The Macguffin Project.

Dubbed as 'Bournemouth's darkest attraction', it sees teams thrust into a mysterious derelict 19th century Victorian carnival.

They must then work together to find out what happened to the carnival employees more than 150 years ago.

Since opening in May The MacGuffin Project, which is located in Old Christchurch Road, has proven extremely popular with locals and visitors to the town and has been highlighted in both gaming and lifestyle magazines.

And last month the team welcomed Londoners Sarah Dodd and Sharan Gill to take on the MacGuffin in an attempt to break the world record for highest number of escape rooms completed by anyone in the UK.

The pair celebrated their milestone of 500 escape rooms on completion of the MacGuffin room and the went on to play their 501st in the attraction's Fortune Teller room.

They have now completed more than 512 games.

Sarah, a doctor, and Sharan, an engineer, started playing in May last year. They hit 100 escape rooms after just four months and after reaching the 500 milestone are continuing to work their way to 1,000.

As well as visiting escape rooms across the UK, the pair have also played in Budapest, Amsterdam, Brussels, Vienna, Paris and Rome.

But after experiencing that many escape rooms they say they always enjoy something a little different.

"We had a really wonderful time and were utterly spoilt at MacGuffin. It’s a great mix of fantastic immersion and creative ideas," said Sarah.

"MacGuffin has a particularly fantastic grasp on audio and visual player-feedback to help with the flow of their games – these are little touches that many may not recognise, but are wonderful design elements that assist in keeping players on track without breaking the character or immersion of the room.

"The story element is strong and we definitely saw a great number of new implementations and original puzzle ideas that we hadn’t seen elsewhere

"I don’t like scary rooms but this was my right kind of creepy. No cheap, slightly awkward jump scares, but a creepy, dark, sinister environment with sounds and theming that complimented that backstory.”

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