TEMPORARY toilets have been placed in Baiter Park - but not because of the closure of the permanent facilities in the area.

Travellers arrived at the coastal location in the last few days and they have been provided with a portable toilet by Borough of Poole.

This has angered residents who’ve campaigned for months to get the public toilets at Baiter reopened. Mike Randall, who has been leading the campaign, said: “We’ve fought long and hard to get these toilets reopened. I have seen people using the bushes around the toilet block because they are desperate and do not realise they are closed.

“Then lo and behold we have had travellers in the park for four or five days and they are provided with a portable toilet.

“I have no problem whatsoever with the travellers being there, but for the council to have the audacity to put a temporary toilet there after refusing to do it at the council meeting for the public is farcical.

“They have positioned the toilet in the middle of their caravans and you expect any elderly people who go to use the toilet where it is could feel intimidated. The portable toilet is actually within view of the closed toilets. This is getting beyond a joke now.”

Mr Randall had compiled a petition to the council, but at a vote last month members refused to provide temporary toilets at the park for the summer months.

Baiter resident Valerie Clarke, said: “It is just not fair to have the temporary toilet appear all of sudden.If the council can do it for the travellers then they should do it for the people who want to go to the toilet every day.”

Cllr John Rampton said the traveller and public toilet issues were not connected. He added: “We generally offer toilets in these situations because it is cheaper than not doing so, it is as simple as that.”

There are seven caravans at Baiter, and on Monday evening a second group of travellers moved into Poole Park, next to the War Memorial.

An angry resident walking through the park yesterday contacted the Echo to report “eight caravans, with Jaguars, Mercedes, BMWs” parked “in a circle right up to where they lay the poppies”.

“I am absolutely incensed, we have got a camper van but if we parked down here we would get short shrift.”

“It is getting ridiculous now.

“They are getting more and more bold, just taking the mick really, not even parking on the outskirts of the park.”

Meanwhile in Boscombe, Bournemouth council has served court papers on a group of travellers in the Hawkwood Road Car Park, with a hearing due to take place on Friday.

Bournemouth council recently said its 2017/18 budget for park security is expected to be exceeded by £20,000.

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