PLANS to build more than 400 homes, a hotel and a supermarket in West Parley have been described as “horrific” by hoardes of angry residents

Hundreds of people attended a public exhibition on the scheme for the land at Parley Green yesterday.

The aim of the event was to allow members of the public to view the proposals and ask the developer, Wyatt Homes, any questions.

Unfortunately many of the residents said they left the event with more questions than answers.

Most of the concerns revolved around lack of infrastructure, traffic, the use of greenbelt land and changes to the original scheme which now includes an additional 100 homes and larger supermarket.

Pamela Twyford, who lives in Ellesfield Drive, was one of a number of residents to criticise how the developers had handled the event.

“It was supposed to be a chance for us to view the plans in more detail and put our concerns and questions to the developer,” she said.

“But they weren’t able to give us a definitive answer on anything.

“It just seems that this is nothing more than a legal exercise as part of the planning process and I really don’t think our opinions will be given much notice.

“The whole thing is just very, very worrying.”

Mrs Twyford’s opinions were echoed by 88-year-old Meryl Stansbury who claimed that a development of this scale would “fundamentally change the make-up of the area”.

Mum-of two Tracy Wadeson braved yesterday’s downpours in order to collect signatures for a petition against the development.

Within the first hour of the exhibition more than 200 people had signed - with dozens more expected to join a protest march at the Memorial Hall later in the evening.

Mrs Wadeson, 52, called the plans “horrific” and said they would damage the area.

“Basically they are going to build a small town in the middle of a village,” said Mrs Wadeson, who lives in Church Lane.

“The traffic around this area is already awful but they want to put another 800 cars on the roads. It’s just ridiculous. There will be too much pressure on the crossroads.

“We need to try and stop this scheme from going ahead and we will keep trying to fight it at every stage.” The developers have defended the proposals.

Developers Wyatt Homes is preparing to submit an outline planning application for a major scheme in West Parley.

The proposals currently include a development of 420 homes, a foodstore, hotel, shopping parade and village square.

Many residents expressed outrage after learning the developers had increased the number of homes originally planned from 320 to 420 and the proposed foodstore from 900sqm to 1,900sqm.

There are also plans for a hotel,allotments, a playground, and cycle links.

A statement from the developer said: “The proposals will make a significant contribution towards meeting the housing needs of the area, including affordable housing in line with the council’s policy and guidance.

“A new high quality neighbourhood will be delivered for West Parley that includes an extension to the local centre, providing new retail, commercial and public open space opportunities at the heart of West Parley. It delivers a new link road to alleviate Parley Cross and significant new public open spaces, including SANG and allotments.”

Wyatt Homes is hoping to submit an application to East Dorset district Council in the Autumn, with a decision expected by the end of the year.