PLANS for more than 400 homes at Parley Cross that have sparked anger with the community are set to go before the public.

Wyatt Homes hosts a consultation for Parley Green, a proposed development of 420 homes, a foodstore, hotel, shopping parade and village square - at the West Parley Memorial Hall tomorrow from 2-8pm.

A recent presentation to West Parley Parish Council caused concern amongst councillors after it was revealed that the plans include increasing the number of homes originally planned from 320 to 420 and increasing the proposed foodstore from 900sqm to 1,900sqm.

Ferndown Town Councillor Paul Graham said any increase would “add to the already congested area” and that the development is the result of an earlier decision to move the greenbelt.

“Residents were walked over by EDDC over the core strategy to move the greenbelt and cause a disaster to the natural landscape. Residents have been cheated and stitched up,” he said.

“We will have gridlock,” he added. “The council is aware that the land has been allocated within the EDDC Core Strategy, and that the development will provide employment, but the main benefit of the development is to fund road improvements to resolve the horrendous road congestion that West Parley endures on a daily basis.” EDDC Steve Lugg told the Daily Echo: “The link road will not mitigate the traffic.

“The parish council was shocked about 25 per cent more houses. The hotel is completely inappropriate and those extra houses will generate at least another 50 cars and they are all pressures on the infrastructure that we face. What is proposed is completely out of scale and completely inappropriate.

“I do not accept the current proposal and I don’t think residents do either from what they have told me.” Councillor Andrew Parry said: “The top priority is to get as many residents’ opinions as soon as possible.”

“It will be very interesting to see how the matters are dealt with at the committee meeting.”

Developers defend proposals

Laraine Southwood, land and planning director for Wyatt Homes, said: “The site is allocated in East Dorset District Council’s core strategy for housing and we are now in the process of consulting the community with regards to what the outline planning application (to determine principles) will include and to start thinking about the architectural style.

“The core strategy allocation seeks to include commercial uses in the north west part of the site, to compliment the existing shops at West Parley. The precise mix of units and the type of businesses that may ultimately be brought forward here will be decided at a later date. The proposals being shown at the exhibition are initial thoughts.

“The site will help to deliver the council’s objectives for a range of sizes of properties, and will include apartments, terraces, semi-detached and detached properties, and will provide a large proportion of 1-3 bedrooms units. Wyatt Homes is known for locally distinct and bespoke house design, and the proposal will also include a high quality landscape with a significant number of trees being provided along the new residential roads, and also within a new park to the east of Church Lane which covers 16 hectares. This will be a significant asset for existing and new residents. “