WHEN he’s not discussing civic matters at the town hall, councillor John Adams enjoys a very different kind of repertoire with former council leader, Douglas Eyre.

For the two ex-mayors share a passion for music and are both members of a Bournemouth band called Cliff Path and the Zig Zags.

Now the five-man band which specialises in sixties revival music, is being invited to perform at various charity events and local clubs.

Cllr Adams who plays lead guitar and vocals, says that music has always been an essential part of his life.

“My father was in opera in Covent Garden and there was always music in the house.

“I started off with a skiffle group when I was at school and it went from there. I love live music and really enjoy playing in a band. I find it very therapeutic.”

Cllr Adams is also an accomplished bagpipe player.

“As a solo piper you’re on your own and there’s nowhere to hide if something goes wrong so it

Former council leader Douglas Eyre first launched Cliff Path & The Zig Zags for a music competition run by a local radio station called 2CR’s Song for Bournemouth which the band won in 1983.

Cllr Adams explains: “I’ve known Dougie since we were at Bournemouth School together. All five of us have been in bands before and for the past few months we have rehearsing for around four hours together every week. It’s been our ambition to do it for charity.

“We’re a ‘60s tribute band and we cover music by groups including The Hollies, The Searchers, The Beatles and Mamas and Papas.”

He adds: “It’s great fun and it’s been surprising how the band has developed.

“The sound of the sixties is still so popular and I would like to encourage people to support live music where they can.”