A CLOSURE order has been extended on a house following continuing allegations of drug dealing, prostitution and anti-social behaviour.

The address in Churchill Road, Poole will remain closed after a hearing at Poole Magistrates Court on Thursday.

It is an extension of a court order made earlier this year and means the address will be closed to everyone but the occupier following the successful application made by Borough of Poole.

Previously the court was told that there had been complaints of noise from residents and members of the public threatened with violence.

Allegations were also made of drug-taking and prostitution at the privately-owned property.

Residents in the area said they had seen frequent “comings and goings” late at night, with many neighbours concerned about the property.

One neighbour said: “They don’t want to be part of the community.

“We look out for each other here.

“It’s not been pleasant as there are children on the street.”

Another resident said the police have been at the property daily in the past few months, adding that the occupants have been heard shouting and arguing in the street.

The resident said they “haven’t seen anything like this before” in the area, which they have lived in for several years.

Ward councillor Malcolm Farrell said: “We will not accept antisocial behaviour which affects other residents.

“We are working closely with the police and other authorities to ensure that these types of cases are rare but when they do happen it is reassuring for our residents that action is taken.

“Residents were feeling that there were unsavoury people going in there for the wrong reasons,” he added.

Cllr Farrell said work was being done to change the behaviour.

“It’s not a case of throwing them out and saying ‘you’re not coming back’, it’s about helping them along the correct path.”

A hearing to contest the order will be heard on August 4.