AS THE annual Bournemouth Music Competitions Festival starts this Saturday it is nice to reflect on those who participated in the event years gone by. Stanley Pretty sent in this photograph of the boys and girls choirs of St Michael's Primary School, West Cliff, Bournemouth, after they had major wins in the Bournemouth Music festival circa 1951/52 with their headmaster George Mansfield and teacher Mrs Knight in the centre.

Stanley, who is the fifth from the left in the front row holding one of the awards, couldn't recall many of their names. Luckily, he had a chance meeting recently with Veronica Cumper, now Bennett, at a Spanish class, who recognised him as a former classmate at St Michael's. After showing her the picture she identified some of the children as follows, back row, left to right, three unknowns, Eileen Harvey and an unknown. Next row down, Jimmy Howell on the far left and Veronica Cumper on the far right. Third row down, there are six unknowns, David Gillet, Charlie Hathaway, then four unknowns. Fourth row down, are three unknowns, Martin Burridge, Anne Bailey, Jacqueline?, Bobby Burridge, Mrs Knight, Mr Mansfield, Jane Jay, three unknowns, Pamela ? and Ann Collins. Front row are two unknowns, Hetty Gaye, Linda McGarry, Maureen Parnell, Christopher Pegg, an unknown, Stanley Pretty, Doris Thomas, two unknowns and Jill Markham.

Contact Echoes if recognise anybody in the picture and if you know where they are today. What are your memories of the Bournemouth Music Festival and do you know of anybody who went on to use their talents in music, drama or dancing, professionally as a career?