A TERMINALLY ill man has spoken of his dismay at not being allowed to smoke a final marijuana cigarette in his care home.

Former welder Patrick Ford, known as Dave, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in December last year and has now been given only a few days to live.

On Friday, the 70-year-old hoped to take advantage of a friend's visit to his bedside in Drumconner Nursing Home, Westbourne, to enjoy his long-term habit one final time, but was told by staff he could not.

Mr Ford then checked out of the home, where he was receiving end of life care, and asked his friend of 15 years David Warnock, 56, to take him back to his own flat so he could enjoy a last smoke.

Mr Warnock, of Crescent Road, a forces veteran who served in Northern Ireland for nine years, said the pair accepted that smoking cannabis is illegal.

However, he said: "It is a dying man's wish.

"He has got the right as a human being to do what he wants in his last days of life.

"We had the fan pointed out the window to blow the smoke, but they snatched it away.

"He had been looking forward to having that smoke of grass.

"You wouldn't think we were in the 21st century with our attitudes. Holland has had it legalised for years.

"It is like the attitude is 'you are a very naughty boy Mr Ford'."

Mr Ford, who suffers from schizophrenia, has smoked cannabis recreationally for more than 15 years, and in recent months has used it as a painkiller.

He said he does not smoke when people are around who might object to it, and he had not had a cigarette for more than a week before his friend visited.

He said he now intends to remain in his flat and listen to his favourite music from the 1960s.

Jenna May, manager at Drumconner, declined to comment on the situation as Mr Ford is in the care of the Bournemouth mental health team.