A RECENT poll puts the Labour Party at 33 per cent in Bournemouth West, up from 17 per cent in 2015.

Their candidate, David Stokes, said the party has been enjoying a boost in popularity as a result of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

"I don't trust the polls, but I have never had this much enthusiasm on the door step," he said. "I have stood in Bournemouth since 2001, and we have had lots of ups and downs, but I have never been more positive.

"It is not just young people, but there is a lot of support in student areas. It is down to Corbyn, I know some people in Labour don't like to hear this, but people see him as a calm person who just wants to talk policies."

The YouGov poll gives the Tories 52 per cent and the Lib Dems eight per cent in Bournemouth West.

Mr Stokes is standing against Simon Bull, Green, Conor Burns, Con, Phil Dunn, Lib Dem and Jason Halsey, Pirate Party.

The father-of-three, who works in the construction industry, said the party had been unprepared at the start of the campaign, the announcement of the election coming as a surprise to party members.

"I was really despondent at first, we weren't prepared, but on the doorsteps I see enthusiasm and that is down to the leadership," he said.

The party is also fielding candidates in Christchurch and Poole.

In the former, retired trade union official Patrick Canavan has criticised zero hour contracts. Poole candidate Katie Taylor,a history teacher and head of sixth form who lives in Ashley Cross, is campaigning against plans to end blue light emergency treatment at Poole Hospital.

Bournemouth East Labour candidate Mel Semple is pushing for large companies to "pay tax on the profits they earn in this country".

The candidates in these constituencies for Thursday's election are:

Bournemouth East

Tobias Ellwood Con

David Hughes UKIP

Alasdair Keddie Green

Jon Nicholas Lib Dem

Mel Semple Labour

Kieron Wilson Ind


Patrick Canavan Labour

Christopher Chope Con

Michael Cox Lib Dem

Chris Rigby Green


Marty Caine Collective Thinking Party of Britain

Adrian Oliver Green

Mike Plummer Lib Dem

Robert Syms Con

Katie Taylor Labour