THOUSANDS of people visited The Tank Museum for an event which included two restored World War Two tanks which featured in Brad Pitt's blockbuster movie 'Fury'.

Around 4,500 people visited the museum in Bovington, for a day dedicated to Tiger 131, the only running Tiger 1 in the world.

Tiger 131 runs only twice a year, at Tiger Day in April and again on Tiger Day in September, and always attracts huge crowds when it does.

And this was the first Tiger Day event where tickets have all sold out before the day itself.

Visitors were treated to a day of talks and tours on the subject of Tiger and its Second World War contemporaries, as well as an opportunity to see rare objects from the Museum archives relating to the capture of the German tank.

One of the highlights was the chance to see Tiger take to the arena alongside its ‘Fury’ co-star, the Sherman tank, with other contemporaries like the British Matilda I and Comet.

This year’s Tiger Day event ran alongside a new exhibition at the museum, called 'The Tiger Collections - the Tanks, the Terror and the Truth'.

A number of former German tank crewmen have been interviewed for this exhibition. These men revealed how they felt superior to other soldiers, received special packages from Hitler and sang patriotic songs about how they would fight to victory or die.

They also described the horrific realities of tank warfare, witnessing concentration camp victims and nightmares they still suffer from.

Museum curator David Willey explained: "Tigers are large and impressive by contemporary standards – but there is a moral responsibility to remember what they were used for and the regime who created them.

"Representing less than seven per cent of their wartime tank production, Tiger tanks failed to have a real impact and our exhibition will be presenting a more balanced account of these vehicles."

Tiger 131 will run again at Tiger Day VIII on September 16 later this year.

Tickets are still available at