A VIDEO posted online in opposition to the closure of public toilets in Poole has been viewed by almost 300 people.

The three-minute film, produced by 29-year-old Bournemouth resident Sam Smith, calls for Borough of Poole (BOP) to reopen the Baiter Park toilets - and also highlights a petition posted on the door of the block calling for the same thing.

Dozens of people had added their names to this petition, which has since been removed.

BOP locked-up the conveniences for good earlier this year, as part of its continuing programme of public toilet closures.

Sam, who posted his video on YouTube, told the Echo: "I realised a lot of people were not happy, it was a sign that the council just doesn't care about people at all.

"There's no excuse for it really. I've had a lot of views on the YouTube video.

"I didn't put the petition up, it was there already but I wanted to highlight it."

Councillors ruled in favour of closing the Baiter toilets, earlier this year, alongside others at Branksome Recreation Ground, Alexandra Park, Charborough Road, Constitution Hill, Parkstone Park, Poole Road and The Haven.

The borough says this latest wave of closures could save £100,000 in addition to £193,000 already recouped by other public toilet closures in the past few years.

The petition at the closed Baiter Park toilets read: "Please sign below if you object to the closure of these toilets and request Poole Borough Council to reopen the toilet block within one month."

Meanwhile, another notice posted on the disabled toilet door at the same block informs readers that while the nearest toilets are at least 15 minutes away in Whitecliff, this would take longer for disabled visitors."

Explaining the council's position before the closures came into force, Cllr John Rampton, said: "These proposals are not to demolish the toilets, they are simply being mothballed.

"Should the financial landscape change, perhaps through local government reorganisation, we might be able to reopen them."

Meanwhile, a BOP spokesman said: "Poole’s public toilets are all in a very poor state and require a vast amount of work to bring them up to a suitable standard for users.

"As an alternative, Borough of Poole is working with local businesses on the Community Toilet Scheme, a scheme where businesses including shops, café’s and pubs allow people to use their facilities without feeling the need to purchase something."