A LEARNER driver was lucky to escape uninjured after her car ploughed through a back garden and smashed into fencing bordering Branksome Recreation Ground.

Police were called after the blue Vauxhall Corsa careered down a steep hill in Poole, crashed through two fences of the same corner property, then knocked over two road safety bollards before coming to rest atop a steep bank.

Alan Miller, owner of the Alder Road home at the centre of the drama, told the Daily Echo: “I was watching television, there was a knock at my door and someone told me a car had gone straight through my back garden. It was a learner driver, I just couldn’t believe it, but thankfully no-one was hurt. They were very, very lucky because they’ve hit a number of heavy objects on the way through.”

The 81-year-old said the young woman behind the wheel was accompanied by a man in the passenger seat. Both of them escaped uninjured.

Mr Miller said: “I didn’t hear it happen at all, my neighbours did and they knocked on my door. It has caused a real hassle, and created a lot of damage. I really take pride in my garden, but all I’ve done today is remove broken fencing and dead flowers.”

The car ploughed through a thick concrete fencing pillar at the property before taking out two metal bollards on Playfields Drive.

“They must have come out of Kent Road, then she lost it and then come straight across. I’ve heard of cutting corners but this is ridiculous,” said Mr Miller.

“I could do without it at my age. I’m annoyed all the flowers and my bushes have been destroyed but we’re insured. Fortunately my own car wasn’t on the drive at the time or things could have been a lot worse for everyone. It is very good news that no-one was injured.”

Emergency services were alerted just before 7pm on Monday, no-one was arrested and police will have no further involvement.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: “We were called at 6.59pm and told that a blue Vauxhall Corsa, registered to a Poole man, had gone through someone’s garden, over the bank and was balanced on some fencing.

“The parties were out of the vehicle when we arrived and it was recorded as a damage-only road traffic collision.

“There was more than one person in the vehicle.”