A TEMPORARY Dorset home is needed for hundreds of caged hens destined for slaughter.

Bosses at the British Hen Welfare Trust have urged members of the public with a stable or barn enclosure in mid-Dorset to come forward.

The charity's Dorset co-ordinator is soon to step down from the role, meaning temporary space is needed for the birds.

"We have successfully set up volunteer teams across the UK and are now looking to set up a new collection point in Dorset," said head of operations Gaynor Davies.

"We need someone who can lend us a stable or barn enclosure for an afternoon once every four to six weeks while we re-home our lovely hens, and we need a bit of parking too.

“Our current regional co-ordinator is moving house and is unable to continue, but she is the first to acknowledge that changing the lives of hundreds of hens, as well as meeting lots of excited people collecting their new pets, is incredibly uplifting and rewarding.”

The British Hen Welfare Trust has rehomed around 50,000 commercial laying hens. Representatives also educate members of the public about hen welfare and encourage support for the British egg industry.

For information, or to help, call 01884 860084.