I FIND it absolutely unbelievable that nobody has been seriously injured by a cyclist while walking between Alum Chine and Bournemouth Pier.

Being a cyclist myself for recreational activities, I am not having a pop at all cyclists but have to ask why the council is not doing something to stop the crazy speeds some travel at?

While between piers on February 18, I took my dog and four grandchildren for a nice walk along the front, only for a cyclist to almost run one of my grandchildren down and have to stop so abruptly he had to dismount his bike, hurling foul language at me in earshot of all my grandchildren.

After having to walk on the sand, as I was getting really anxious for their safety as they range between two and eight years old, I could see an accident waiting to happen and, almost on cue, another mad cyclist ploughed straight into a child on a little scooter, sending the child flying and injuring his neck to the point that the child’s mother carried the child back to the car park to take him to hospital.

Does it take somebody really getting injured before something is done about this problem?

A sign with “Pedestrians have priority “ and “Cyclist max speed of 10 mph” is not enough.

Surely with the amount we charge for parking could we not get the wardens to patrol the front in between, dishing parking out tickets?

At least saving a child’s life and getting another mad cyclist off the front would be a satisfying day’s work and all children and elderly could be safe on the front.


Caroline Road, Bournemouth

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