A NUMBER of Dorset Police cases could be reviewed following arrests at a forensics laboratory in Manchester.

Two employees of the private health company Randox Testing Services, which analyses forensic samples on behalf of police forces across the UK, have been arrested as part of ongoing investigations into whether samples were doctored to produce positive results.

Dorset Police chief constable Debbie Simpson, who is also forensics lead on the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), says some 484 cases will now be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Ms Simpson explained: “We have been made aware of a quality failure with Randox Testing Services (RTS) which is currently being investigated and a criminal inquiry has been launched by Greater Manchester Police.

“Randox has provided each force with a list of cases that could have been affected.

“Working in partnership with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), we have provided guidance to forces so they are able to review each case to determine if compromised data played a part in prosecution and the CPS will then take appropriate action in any cases identified.

“While this investigation is ongoing, we are working with a number of forensic service providers and the Forensic Science Regulator to ensure that any requirement for forensic services is dealt with in the normal timeframes.”

A spokesperson for Dorset Police added: "Dorset Police is a customer of Randox and, as a result, we will be reviewing any cases where concerns are identified as part of that investigation. Due to criminal proceedings now being active, we are limited in the detail we can share at this time.

"We will provide more information when we can.

"We are working with a number of other forensic service providers and the Forensic Science Regulator to ensure that our forensic requirements continue to be dealt with in the normal timeframes."