RIVAL demonstrations for and against President Trump are set to be held in Bournemouth on Monday.

A protest march was organised for Monday in Bournemouth Square, after the president signed an executive order suspending travel to the US from seven Muslim-majority nations.

The policy was later suspended after court decisions but Mr Trump intends to replace it with a new one.

The Defend Migrants and Stop Trump protest is due to go ahead from 6-8pm.

A Facebook post says: “This is a peaceful protest against the divisive policies of Donald Trump.”

It adds: “This protest is not simply against a man or his visit (it is better to debate with someone than ban them) but against his policies and the climate of hate that he is inciting. It is not just the US who are having these issues. Here in the UK the fear mongering by the government and media about migrants is rife.”

A Donald Trump Support Demonstration/Counter Protest, to be held at the same time, is also being promoted via Facebook.

A post says: “This is an event to demonstrate the support of the Dorset community and to protest against the far left and their divisive rhetoric which leads to violence in their so called ‘peaceful protests’ (riots).”

Bournemouth More In Common and Dorset for Europe will also have a Cake Not Hate stall outside the Arcade, between Beales and house of Fraser, today, 1.15-4.15pm and handing out flyers.