A 68-YEAR-OLD man electrocuted himself a week after being arrested for shoplifting, an inquest heard.

Roy Magil told his wife :"It is going to be bad" after being caught stealing in Poole, Dorset coroner Sheriff Payne was told.

The Bournemouth inquest heard he filled an address book with useful information for his wife, Irena, before taking his own life at their home in Trinity Road, Shaftesbury.

The coroner heard Mr Magil got up between 6am and 7am on Monday September 26 and went downstairs.

Mrs Magil, who has health problems, got up just after 8am and became aware that the house was quiet, the court heard.

"I started to feel uneasy and felt something wasn't right" she told the coroner. "I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen and there he was - I could tell immediately that he had gone."

The inquest heard Mr Magil, who was his wife's carer, was clutching wires which had burned his hands.

The court was also told he had received a two-year suspended prison sentence 14 years ago for stealing a large sum of money from his employer so feared he may go to prison for shoplifting.

He had transferred money into his wife's bank account in case his account was frozen, the coroner heard.

Recording a verdict that Mr Magil took his own life, Mr Payne said: "He was worried after the shoplifting a week before. He had moved money and made notes in this address book in order to assist his wife in dealing with his affairs after death.

"He put together a device and held on to it and electrocuted himself."