A BODY has been found on the outskirts of a Ringwood business park on Tuesday morning.

Police were called after the body of a young man was found just after 7.45am at Embankment Way.

Officers cordoned off an area of scrubland behind one of the office buildings to investigate the scene.

The man's death is not believed to be suspicious, an officer said at the scene.

His next of kin have been informed.

The coroner was notified and removed the man from the scene just before 10am.

It is believed that a worker in one of the nearby offices stumbled across the body and called the emergency services.

An ambulance was the first vehicle on the scene, according to bystander Sandra Hodder, who owns the Hot Box mobile cafe which was located adjacent to the cordon.

"I was here about 7am and all this happened just before 8am," she said. "The ambulance came first. There was a guy from one of the offices here who ran out to flag down the paramedics. I assume he called them when he found him.

"At one point there were four police cars here.I thought, as soon as the guy pulled the tape across, it wasn't good.

Then the ambulance left. The officers have said it's not suspicious.

"It's somebody's bad day," she added. "When you see that many police cars turn up you know it's more serious than someone just falling over."

Cafe worker Chelsea Forbes, 20, said: "It's quite a shock. You assume it might be someone older walking their dog or something. It's so sad."

An office worker on the estate, who asked not to be named, said: "I knew something was up when I turned into the road and saw the police cars.

"It's not a good morning today."