THIS is your first look inside the 10-screen Odeon cinema that will open in Bournemouth in less than a month.

It will be open in time to show The Lego Batman Movie for the half-term holidays – as well as the steamy Fifty Shades Darker for Valentine’s Day.

The new cinema, at the BH2 leisure complex on Exeter Road, will replace the Odeon on Westover Road and the nearby ABC, which closed last week.

It is due for a gala opening on Thursday, February 9, and will open to the public the next day.

The new cinema’s attraction for film-lovers will be its giant iSense screen, measuring 16.5m by 7m (54ft by 30ft) and accompanied by sound through 56-channel speakers.

There will be an emphasis on food and drink, with a range of pizzas and “planks”, and a bar allowing beer or wine to be taken into the cinema.

There will be three different kinds of seats, including reclining chairs in several screens. Some screens will convert into ‘Kidzones’ for special screenings and birthday parties, with children free to use soft play equipment during the movie.

Odeon’s head of group communications, Simon Soffe, said the cinema was being built “for 30-50 years hence”.

He said: “Our relationship with Bournemouth is one of the longest relationships we have in the UK. It’s such a good town for us. We’ve learned a lot here and therefore it’s only natural we put our best into Bournemouth.”

Construction project director Steve Lavelle said it was the first time Odeon had put reclining seats into a newly built cinema.

He said there will be no box office, with customers encouraged to book in advance and use a bank of ticket machines – although tickets can also be bought from food and drink stands.

Mr Soffe said this would free staff for “hosting people and giving them a much better experience”.

Printed film posters will give way to the digital kind that can be changed according to better suit the films already showing.

iSense is Odeon’s trademarked giant-screen projection system. Filmgoers will pay an extra £2.50 to see a film in the format, including the price of a premier seat.

Paul Schofield, consultant for Odeon in audio and projection, said the iSense auditorium was equipped with a 4K ultra-high definition projection system.

“Quite frankly, it’s top of the range. There isn’t anything higher than this,” he said.