FUTURE scientists and philosophers had the opportunity to quiz a leading medical expert this month.

Professor Robert Winston visited students at Ferndown Upper School on December 5 before giving a 40-minute talk.

Students then had the chance to ask their own questions, covering everything from autism to so-called 'designer babies'.

School business manager Cindy Lalani said 300 pupils and members of staff gathered to hear Prof Winston speak about science and education.

"Ethics and biology students were then given the opportunity to ask questions they had written about current topics during their lessons," she said.

"The topics ranged from ‘autism and its place in society’ to ‘designer babies – is it a possibility?’

"The 25 students then had the opportunity to voice their opinions on current topics which have featured in the news."

Prof Winston is a professor of science and society and emeritus professor of fertility studies at Imperial College London.

He has pioneered surgical techniques that improve fertility treatments.

His visit was organised by the school's biology department as part of its STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) initiative.