THE demise of the historic boroughs of Poole and Christchurch is fast approaching.

Under the cloak of a shockingly one-sided and biased “consultation” exercise designed only to come up with one answer (for example “Do you agree that councils should provide value for money?” and “Do you agree the current councils are inefficient and waste public money?”) ruling Dorset Tories are determined to force through their plan of two new councils.

East Dorset saw the Trojan Horse of Bournemouth expansion for exactly what it was early on in the process and appear to have managed to escape the clutches of the “large conurbation”.

Christchurch has been vocal in its opposition but seems to be being overruled by county colleagues who are being ordered to vote for the “medium conurbation”. The exception to this opposition is Poole where the Tory councillors have been silent and have merely parroted the “Beesley line” that Poole is too small to survive on its own and must merge (“be taken over”).

Members of the public can be assured that behind this whole merger idea is further expansion of Bournemouth using green belt land in both Poole and Christchurch. There is no doubt that Merley and Bear Cross will suffer forever the loss of green fields and huge increases in traffic merely to allow Bournemouth to expand beyond its own current borders.

Poole will see the downgrading of Poole’s A&E department (bizarrely concentrating resources miles away from Poole and Purbeck residents at Littledown). Coming down the line will be waste treatment expansion and gypsy and traveller sites which are bound to be sited in Poole not Bournemouth.

Thee is nothing good in the merger process for Poole and I urge concerned local residents to contact their local Tory councillors as a matter of urgency to get them to vote to stop the super-Council now.

Cllr Philip Eades Branksome West Ward Borough of Poole