A SECTION of cliff top at Barton-on-Sea was checked out by officials yesterday after safety concerns were raised about a large crack.

Christchurch resident Phill Denson said he noticed the crack on Sunday while walking his dog.

"I go down there about once a week and I've not noticed it before," he said. "The people at the bottom cannot see it is loose at the top, it is a really precarious position.

"If there is a heavy rain I'm pretty sure it would go, as it is quite a big gap. There are lots of people who walk along this area."

However, New Forest District Council thinks there is no immediate danger.

A council spokesman told the Echo: "We believe this to be an existing crack that has been evident for more than 10 years, with no signs of movement.

"But the coastal team are going out to check to be sure."

The crack is around 200 yards from the Beachcomber Cafe.