A TRAIN was engulfed in sparks and flames this evening causing delays to services throughout the county.

No one was injured in the incident at Dorchester South Station, which was captured on a mobile phone by passenger Myles Harding, 17.

Warning: this footage contains swearing

The incident resulted in delays of around two hours to services running through Bournemouth to Weymouth, and many passengers have been left stranded at Southampton as replacement bus services are organised.

Myles said he heard a ‘loud bang’ and several flashes ‘too bright to look at’ as flames engulfed the carriage.

He and a number of people on the platform screamed at those still on the carriage to ‘get off the train’.

He said: “It was so scary. I make that journey to college and back every day and you just do not expect to see something like that.

“There was a loud bang and I quickly got my phone out to film it because I thought, no one is going to believe this.

“Then there were these really bright flashing lights and everyone was shouting. There were all these sparks, it was like a firework display.”

Firefighters said the blaze was out on arrival.

Police said paramedics were called to the scene but later stood down as no one was hurt.

Firefighters were called at 6.15pm. A spokesman for Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Because of the location and the number of people who would potentially be at the station we sent a large number of appliances.

"Two appliances from Dorchester attended, as well as one from Weymouth, one from Maiden Newton, one from Bere Regis, one from Bridport and several specialist officers."

In a statement on their website a spokesman for South West Trains said: "A problem has been identified with the equipment which delivers the electricity to the third rail, which powers the trains, near Dorchester.

"As a precaution, the power to these rails has been disconnected, and engineering staff are en route to the site.

"We are sorry for any disruption you experience."