BADLY-BEHAVED pupils at a Poole school will have to stand up in assembly and apologise to others for “letting them down and impacting negatively on their life chances.”

Magna Academy students who disrupt learning are facing the new penalty following a letter sent home to parents. Read it here

And those who receive a fixed term external exclusion will have to bring a parent or carer to school on the day they return.

The parent or carer will be expected to sit next to them in lessons and supervise them at break and lunchtime for the whole day.

The penalties have been branded as “extraordinary” and “over the top” by parents who have contacted the Daily Echo.

But they said they are too afraid to speak out publicly because the same letter warns: “If you feel that the Academy’s expectations of behaviour do not fit with your personal ethos or that of your children, it remains your right to have your child educated in a school whose policies you do agree with.”

Students have also been issued with criteria they must meet to be allowed to attend the school prom or to “graduate.”

Requirements for “graduation” include academic achievement, good attendance, behaviour points and attendance at the Year 11 parents’ evening. For the prom, attendance and behaviour points must be accrued, coursework must be completed on time and attendance to extra sessions will be taken into account.

The school has recently been commended by Regional Schools Commissioner Rebecca Clark for its Progress 8 score, putting it in the top seven per cent in England and top in Poole.

Principal Richard Tutt said: “Magna’s latest letter to parents outlines the amazing progress our students have made, and how Magna has been recognised as one of the highest performing schools in the South West.

“Everything we do at Magna aims to provide our students with the highest possible qualifications and life chances. In order to achieve this, it is vital that no student is allowed to disrupt the learning of others, and that they fully understand the consequence of their actions if they choose to do so.”