TWO "travelling grans" brought good wishes from Australia when they took a detour during a European tour to visit Winton.

Gail Price and Marion Anderson couldn't resist a trip to Bournemouth from their home town in Queensland - Winton!

The two women brought with them a copy of a book which reveals the town in western Queensland was named after our very own Winton by the postmaster, Robert Allen, in 1876.

It seems Mr Allen found it difficult to write the original name, Pelican Waterhole, on postage stamps so he changed the name to Winton, the area of Bournemouth in which he was born.

"We felt that we couldn't come to England without visiting Winton," said Gail.

"We wanted to make sure we passed on the best wishes of the people of Winton, Australia, to the people here."

The pair presented a copy of the book to Winton Library and went on a tour of the area on foot.

Marion told how their home town is a central area for sheep and cattle and an area of interest for fossil hunters.

Elliott the dinosaur, the largest dinosaur skeleton ever found, was discovered in Winton.

It is also the home of the world-famous Waltzing Matilda and the birthplace of the Australian national airline Qantas.

But despite its many claims to fame, the town has only around 2,000 residents and is, by its own admission, miles from just about anywhere.

Gail and Marion have so far visited London and Bath and are setting off on a tour of a number of other European countries later this week.

They will return to the UK to visit Scotland before flying home.