A POOLE town centre councillor has hit out at the design of the Twin Sails Bridge, saying it is hazardous for cyclists.

Borough of Poole (BOP) Cllr Andy Hadley, who is also a member of Poole Cycle Liaison Advisory Group, contacted the Echo after we revealed the council faces legal action after a trio of cyclists decided to sue over accidents on the bridge.

Poole People Cllr Hadley, who represents the Poole Town ward, said: "The cycleway is about 2cm higher than the carriageway, so there is a poor visible kerb lip between them.

"There are also frequent raised cats' eyes, slippery when wet. This design presents a slippy, hazardous and ill defined barriers.

Last month the Echo reported how Hamworthy resident Bryan Archer, aged 66, broke two of his ribs after crashing his electric cycle on the bridge.

The previous month cyclist Andrew Gay, aged 72, was left needing surgery after crashing at the same spot.

The Echo understands at least three cyclists, neither Mr Archer nor Mr Gay, are pursuing claims for damages from the council following similar accidents.

Cllr Hadley said that just overtaking a slower bike on the bridge could be made more hazardous because of its design.

He added: "I read with concern the recent articles about various incidents to people on bikes using the Twin Sails bridge.

"From when the bridge was first mooted, and throughout the planning, I responded to the various consultation events, attempting to get the council to make proper dedicated and segregated provision for cycles.

"As a result of my efforts, I was promised that the cycle links would be wider than originally intended, but placing the cycleway away from the roadway, or properly separated was rejected.

"As I understand this was both so that the cycleways could be reassigned to cars during maintenance, and because it would spoil the apparently award winning low-mounted lighting scheme."

No-one from the Borough of Poole was available for comment.