A SKATING seven-year-old sensation has glided her way to the top taking home first prize in a regional competition - despite having only skated for a matter of months.

Sophie Kemp was awarded the top gong after beating off the competition at the Planet Ice Skating Stars ice skating competition in Gosport last week.

The Muscliff Primary School pupil was right up against it - being one of the youngest to take part in the competition - open to children aged six to 16.

Sophie also had her condition to deal with having been diagnosed with coeliac disease two years ago.

She - “the little solder” - had complained of an upset stomach every time she ate her cereal and sandwiches which she told the doctor herself at the age of just four.

Her condition means that she often has to take it a little easier - something that didn’t exactly make for an ideal situation when she was champing at the bit to get onto the ice and skate with her friends, mum 39-year-old Kate said.

Sophie was supported by her brother Joshua, five, dad David, 38, and her grandmother Marian Mitchell when she took to the ice for the final time on Friday evening.

The competition is aimed at absolute beginners in ice skating with the aim of giving them lessons until they are knocked out.

“When she started she was just six,” Mrs Kemp said. “They were given free lessons every week. She felt very pleased even to get the lessons.

“She took it all in her stride but she was quite overwhelmed [when she won] because it was quite late.”

Sophie was determined to do a three jump and a spiral - two very difficult techniques of ice skating - despite having only been skating since April.

“She’s made lots of lovely friends in that group and really looked forward to seeing them,” Mrs Kemp said, adding that she has also been able to reignite her love for the sport having watched her daughter.

Kate was a club skater at Bournemouth Ice Rink and at Ice Trax at Tower Park, before they both closed down in the 90s.

Little Sophie - of Hungerford Road, Throop - has won unlimited skating lessons for another year with the aim of helping her to reach the ‘gold standard’ of ice skating as well as a trophy, certificate and some impressive skills.