TEMPORARY traffic measures are now in place as part of pedestrianisation plans for Beale Place.

Under the proposals to create a ‘contemporary street scene’ and boost safety for people on foot in the town, a year-long experimental traffic plan has started from today.

Councillor John Beesley, leader of Bournemouth Borough Council, said: “The aim is to create a safer and more attractive environment for the many people living, working and visiting this part of town.

“By reducing traffic through the town centre and giving pedestrians greater priority we want to provide an environment where people meet up and enjoy the surroundings.”

The 'experimental' traffic plan will be in place for 12 months to establish what best suits the needs of people living and working in the area.

Alterations to the traffic order within the 12 months may occur if they are found to be necessary.

See the traffic order here

The disabled parking inside the pedestrian zones will become redundant during the experimental order.

According to a council spokesman disabled parking will still be available in Post Office Road, Yelverton Road and the top half of Albert Road.

She added: “We are also looking at other roads close to the town centre that would be appropriate to install additional disabled parking bays.”

Results and feedback from the experimental order will be considered once the traffic order ends.

How it works

Coming from Westover Road/Gervis Place

Hinton Road will be closed to all traffic. Drivers wishing to access Richmond Hill or St Stephen's Road from Westover Road or Gervis Place before midnight will have to go up Firvale Road to Dean Park Crescent and onto the Richmond Hill roundabout, an extra half-mile. See the new route here. After midnight, Fir Vale Road, Glen Fern Road, St Peter's Road and Dean Park Crescent are already closed to traffic, meaning drivers coming from Westover Road would have to go back down Hinton Road and onto Bath Road.

Bournemouth Echo:

Coming from Richmond Hill

The existing one way system will end. Yelverton Road and Albert Road will both be two way from Richmond Hill.

Yelverton Road will be two-way traffic as far as Barclays Bank, where planters will be installed. No extra measures to allow for traffic to turn are being added, although cars will be able to use Verulam Place as a turning point as now.

Albert Road will be two-way traffic until just after the entrance to the new students flats being built on the old post office site. The disabled spaces on the bottom half of the road will be inaccessible. Councillors had said alternative spaces would be made available nearby to avoid a net loss in the town centre but this has not yet been arranged.

There is again no provision for traffic turning - but the plans for the flats under construction do include a 'spur' of public highway which would allow traffic to turn, and a parking space for a lorry. 

Bournemouth Echo:

What about delivery traffic?

Delivery traffic will still be allowed to drive up Old Christchurch Road from Gervis Place as now, but Hinton Road will be closed to them too.

Delivery vehicles will have access to Albert Road from Old Christchurch Road between the hours of 10pm and 10am and will be able to drive through onto Richmond Hill during those hours. 

Loading times along the existing pedestrianised zones, at Gervis Place, Hinton Road, Old Post Office Road and the top of Old Christchurch Road will all be changed to match the 10pm-10am times of the new zone.