ANOTHER cyclist has come forward following an accident on Poole's Twin Sails Bridge.

Rider Bryan Archer suffered two broken ribs, cuts and bruises after the front wheel of his electric bike was 'grabbed' by a low kerb as he negotiated roadworks on the bridge.

This accident, that left the 66-year-old "on the sidelines for the best part of two months" is near identical to a cycle crash at the same spot, reported in the Daily Echo last month.

Mr Archer, from Hercules Road, said he only contacted this newspaper after reading about the other cyclist's accident.

"My crash happened in much the same way, I wonder how many other people have come off their bikes at the bridge," he said.

Mr Archer, who was riding over the Twin Sails in April, this year, explained: "There were some traffic cones on the bridge that directed me at an oblique angle back to the cycle lane and the virtually invisible low 'kerb' grabbed my front wheel and I was gone.

"It was two months before I was fit enough to return to see what had knocked me from my bike and take some photos. The traffic cones were still there.

"As for the council, it was impossible to get a face-to-face with anyone and although I reported it online, apart from receiving an automated acknowledgement, no-one ever came back to me."

Mr Archer says the white line running across the bridge disguised the low kerb. "By the time I got over the hump of the bridge I was accelerating to get back into the cycle lane as quick as I could. I must have been doing about 15mph...well that was it, over I went.

"I was lucky I didn't impale myself on the spiky barrier there.

"It put me out of the game for about two months."

Last month another cyclist, Andrew Gay, was left needing emergency surgery after crashing at the same spot.

The 72-year-old, who was visiting Poole on a sailing trip with his wife, said his arm was “ripped apart” in the accident, after he lost control when his back wheel hit a ridge, which catapulted him into the bridge barrier.

Mr Gay warned: "That barrier may look lovely, but it shouldn’t be there.At the moment it is like a whole load of razor blades standing upright."

The Borough of Poole was not available for comment.