THREATS have been made to a Hampshire TV presenter after he urged people to support a ban on grouse hunting.

Officers from Hampshire police confirmed that an investigation is ongoing after they received reports of threats made to Springwatch presenter Chris Packham on Monday August 1.

It is not known what the nature of those threats are but that they were sent via social media website Twitter.

A statement has been released on behalf of Chris, from David Foster Management said: “We wish to point out that any threats to our client, Chris Packham, will be taken very seriously.

“Chris strenuously opposes intimidation, threats or violence of any kind, entirely regardless of a person’s view of stance on animal welfare and conservation issues.

“Chris’s approach is to research, reveal and report the facts and to promote change through entirely peaceful, democratic means.”

It added: “We ask on Chris’s behalf that his supporters treat everyone, regardless of their stance, with respect – both online and face to face – and respect their privacy and security. In turn we sincerely hope that those who support differing views will follow this example.”

It comes after pro-hunting campaigners are calling for the BBC to sack the BBC presenter.

England cricket legend Sir Ian Botham was one of those who said Chris should “spend more time with the birds – away from the cameras” in a Sunday newspaper.

Sir Ian, who is also a country sportsman, added: “Chris has plenty of work to do as a campaigner. He is vice-president of the RSPB and the rallying point for a small group of angry bird activists who need leadership because all they do is sit at their computers ranting about birdlife.”

The debate comes ahead of the start of the grouse season this Friday, also known as the Glorious Twelfth.

But campaigners believe that Packham has breach the BBC’s rules on impartiality.

In a letter to the BBC Trust, Simon Hart, MP and Countryside Alliance chairman called on the corporation to take action against the present.

“We cannot stand by and continue to allow Mr Packam to use the status the BBC has given him to spread propaganda,” he said.