ENGLAND rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson joined the Dorset Destroyers for an impromptu game of ‘murderball’ at the weekend.

The World Cup-winning star was guest of honour at the Dorset Orthopaedic summer fair in Ringwood where the Destroyers - a wheelchair rugby club - were putting on a demonstration game, and he couldn’t resist getting involved.

The club’s co-founder, Sue Coombs, said: “I started to talk to him on the side lines and asked him if he would play and he said yes.

“He was involved with Wheelchair Rugby at the Invictus Games in 2014 and he was quite keen to give it a go. It was an easy sell really.

“He was actually asking me loads of questions and tips on the game.

“The only real similarity with rugby is the name really. I have been told that it is actually more similar to ice hockey in terms of the rules.”

Jonny, who during his career frequently vied at the top of the table for rugby union point scorers, played for 30 minutes during which he scored one goal.

“He probably would have scored more but we were doing our best to block him off and kept him reasonably quiet in the end,” said Sue.

Dorset Destroyers member Ben Steele, who earlier this year took a bronze medal as part of the British team in the Invictus Games, had previously encountered Jonny at the 2014 games, where he was coaching the celebrity team.

“He was a really lovely guy and it attracted a big crowd watching,” said Sue.

“He has even tweeted about us since the event and seemed really interested in trying to help us whatever way he could.”

She added: “Our main aim this year is to get a sponsor and we are hoping that with all the interest and Jonny’s appearance that it might encourage a sponsor to take a bet on us and come forward.”

Jonny attended the event to open Dorset Orthopaedic’s newly refurbished clinic, which includes seven consulting rooms, a dedicated children’s room and a new in-house physio service.

In a speech he praised the prosthetics and rehabilitation firm’s work helping people with mobility issues to achieve their goals.

Managing director David Hills said: “We are incredibly proud of our refurbished facilities.

“Our team have worked hard to ensure this was a great day for our patients and their families - with tons of fun and a great atmosphere.”