A HOLIDAYMAKER may excite envy at home after snapping a picture with an A-list director during his trip to Dorset.

Chris Stretton-Smith, 37, from Doncaster, was holidaying in Swanage when he spotted Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan at the town's station.

Wasting no time he approached the master film-maker and for his tenacity walked away with a envy-inspiring selfie.

Dorset is teeming with people seeking to catch a glimpse of silverscreen aristocracy currently filming the much-anticipated blockbuster Dunkirk.

Among the assortment of mega stars, One Directioner Harry Styles has been spotted peaking from a train window by excited fans.

Mr Stretton-Smith said:“We just love it in Swanage – you can’t beat it.

“We knew they were going to be filming because they said the station would be closed.

“On the Saturday night, we went down and were watching in the Coop car park.

“That’s when we spotted him walking about and double checked on the internet to make sure it was him.

“I just went onto the platform and asked him if I could have a picture with him.

“He was really nice. Apart from his films, I don’t actually know much about him, whether he was American or wherever he was from.

“I was surprised he was quite a well-spoken Englishman."