A NOISY duck has been driving the residents of a quiet Bournemouth cul-de-sac completely quackers.

An anonymous letter addressed to the Echo, Environmental Health, Animal Welfare, the RSPCA and Bournemouth councillor Anne Rey, pleads for help to "get rid of an animal nuisance".

According to the letter a resident in Fawley Green has recently acquired a pet duck which has left some of the residents in a flap.

The letter claims that the animal starts quacking from 9am and can go on until 6pm.

"This animal should not be kept in such a place. It is extremely disturbing and can be heard around a wide area," it added.

Ward Cllr Anne Rey said she had not yet received the letter but said she would be happy to carry out an investigation into the issue alongside Environmental Health.

"Unfortunately with an anonymous letter it makes it much more difficult for us to move forward with any investigation," she added.

"It's unusual in this area for people to have a duck as a pet but if I can get the address of the person who sent the letter then I can get to work to find out what's going on."

The 'Old Bill' has not been called in to investigate the matter.