HAMPSHIRE TV presenter Chris Packham has vowed to boycott Marks and Spencer and Iceland if they sell grouse this year.

The Springwatch star and naturalist has launched a social media campaign against the sale of red grouse, claiming ammunition used to shoot the birds contained toxic lead.

In a video posted online, Packham claimed that tests had shown that grouse sold in Iceland were unfit for human consumption.

He urged retailers to prove their grouse come from sustainable moorland.

Speaking in his video, Mr Packham said: “Would you want to eat grouse from a supermarket anyway? I think not. They’re shot using lead ammunition.

“Marks and Spencer and Iceland, should you choose to sell grouse this year, I won’t be eating any of that toxic produce, and I wont be shopping at your stores. I’ve signed a petition to ban driven grouse shooting.”

Iceland said it had no plans to stock grouse this year.

Marks and Spencer said it hoped to stock the birds, if it could establish a sustainable supply chain. The organisation said it has its own responsible sourcing protocols.

Duncan Thomas, northern director of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, said: “For Packham to condemn grouse as ‘toxic’ can only be either naïve on his part or deliberately inflammatory. Grouse, when properly prepared for the table, is a healthy, tasty and popular game meat. That’s the reason reputable retailers like M&S put it on their shelves.

“There is always an onslaught from antis in the run up to the ‘Glorious Twelfth’, so we should expect nothing less from the likes of Packham. He abuses his position as a presenter with the BBC to promote an ill-informed, anti-shooting agenda and to support failing petitions.”