A SEARCH has been launched to track down a Jaguar car believed to be responsible for killing a pony in the New Forest this week.

The Shetland pony, who was believed to be pregnant, was killed in a hit and run incident in Cott Lane, near Burley Golf Course.

Police were called to reports of a pony being hit by a car around 11.30pm on Tuesday, June 7.

According to Peter Rix, who is one of the agisters for the New Forest, the pony had been left in the middle of the road.

"She suffered with internal injuries which is what killed her," added Mr Rix.

"We believe the vehicle involved was a Jaguar and are now doing our best to try and trace it."

Tuesday's incident was the first animal to be killed on New Forest roads in four weeks.

It was rumoured to be a one of the longest period on record of no reported animal accidents - but a spokesperson from the New Forest Verderers confirmed the longest period is actually six weeks.

Dozens of animals have already been killed in the New Forest this year.

Two donkeys – one of which was pregnant – died after being hit by a car that failed to stop in March.

Then just a few days later a resident captured the moment a foal appeared to grieve over its mother after she was killed by the road.

Mr Rix added: "I would urge all motorists driving through the New Forest to slow down, take care and always report the accidents.

"In the most recent incident the pony was just left in the road and could have caused another accident."

The New Forest Verderers offer a £1,000 reward to track down the motorist in any hit and run case.