WITH summer just around the corner most young people will be looking forward to the holiday break, but one BSG student is preparing for the trip of a lifetime to train in Kung Fu.

Freya Wigham, who is in Year 9 at BSG, will be flying all the way to the Henan Province in China to train full-time in Shaolin Kung Fu with some of the world renowned Shaolin Warrior Masters for an entire month.

Along with her teacher, and two other students from Natural Elements School of Martial Arts, she will practice the many aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu eight hours a day, six days a week.

Freya said: “When a sport is more to you than a hobby, when it is more of a philosophy, discipline, art and way of life, you just feel at home doing it.

"I have been on other Kung Fu summer camps before, and I just felt as if it was all I ever wanted to do.

"The world around me disappeared, there was only the there and then. I never wanted it to end.

"Hopefully this trip will give me a more profound understanding of the roots of Kung Fu and the reasons and stories behind the movements and stances.

"Ever since I was a little girl of three I have wanted to see China and now I’ll get a chance to be a part of it.”

Freya has been a member of Natural Elements, the Bournemouth school of Kung Fu, for three years taking part in the classes at the Littledown Centre covering Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Chen Style Tai Chi and Qi Gong, as well as Sanda - which is Chinese kickboxing.

Last year she even progressed to become a member of the Advanced Kung Fu Squad.

Natural Elements teacher Martine Niven who teaches self defence sessions at Freya’s school BSG, said: “Freya is a lovely person and a very hard working, enthusiastic and able student.

"She has so much passion and enthusiasm for this martial art and this trip to China will change her life.

"This is such an amazing opportunity for Freya and for all the students going on the trip. They will get to truly feel and experience what its like to train the way the real Shaolin Monks do.

"They‘ll gain a profound insight into the traditions and roots of Shaolin practice as well as the cultural values too."

The Shaolin Temple in China is known as the birthplace of martial arts, with a heritage that stems back over 1,500 years.

Chan Buddhism is at the heart of the teachings with the martial arts taught as a form of physical meditation. Mindfulness is a key component to the growth and improvement of the practitioner.