PLENTY of mystery surrounds the newest entertainment venue coming to the area which has been dubbed 'Bournemouth’s Darkest Attraction'.

The attraction will be arriving this summer after council planners approved an application to convert the basement of 2 Yelverton Road into 'The MacGuffin Project'.

So far very little is known about the new attraction, which will be located under The Real Eating Company cafe in the town centre.

It is based on the idea of an 'escape room' - a new craze which sees people trying to escape from a locked room - but with what the owners say is 'a very unique twist.'

Speaking to the Echo last week the creative minds behind the project Gareth Quinlan and Claire Timbrell said they didn't want to give too much away at this stage.

"A major part of this attraction is the mystery," said Claire.

"We want the public to be surprised and amazed during during their first visit to us. Plus all the mystery kind of adds to the atmosphere of the attraction."

The pair have just launched a website for The MacGuffin Project which links to a teaser video of the attraction.

The video opens at a very old derelict carnival. There are familiar signs of carnival attractions such as a 'bearded lady' and a 'marvellous mer-man' but it looks completely deserted.

Eventually we arrive at what looks like broken a fortune teller machine - which starts to move and light up all by itself.

the screen goes blank and it ends with the strapline #DoYouDare.

Gareth added: "Take a look at the web site and video to see if you can work out what’s coming to town this summer.

"We hope it gets people as excited about it as we are."

For the pair a major part of the project is about keeping everything local which includes working with a video company in Boscombe and engaging with the Bournemouth University Design Society to design the rooms and puzzles and bring the attraction to life.

The business plans to employ six people, but with no more than four members of staff at the premises at any one time.

Mandy Payne, from the Bournemouth Chamber of Commerce, said: "What we haven't got in Bournemouth is a great deal of leisure facilities for adults.

"This sounds like it will be a great attraction for the town and the fact that they have already engaged with the University is wonderful news.

"And at the moment anything that can help encourage people into the town centre is welcome."