GREENPEACE campaigners presented 24 'frack free' cupcakes to Poole councillors at a meeting in April.

Ahead of the full council meeting on April 26, members of the organisation delivered the treats to nine councillors in a bid to raise awareness of fracking developments.

The campaigners are calling on all Borough of Poole councillors to write to Communities Secretary Greg Clark over concerns about hydraulic fracturing.

Greenpeace member Simon O’Connor said: “This government wants to strip councils of their powers to decide on fracking so they can push through their controversial plans.

"Whether you’re for or against it, there’s no doubt the shale industry would have a significant impact on communities like ours.

"This is why the government should respect the fracking decisions taken by our council."

In 2013, the Daily Echo reported that drilling licences had been issued for possible fracking under parts of Hampshire and Dorset.