A NEW charity single has been launched to help raise money and awareness for mental health.

Singer and songwriter Ryan Butterworth has commissioned support from other artists - including Joe Smith, Sean Hatton and Britain's Got Talent finalist Ryan O’Shaughnessy - to write and sell Beating Heart in aid of Dorset Mind - an independent charitable provider of mental health services.

And what started off as a university project is now the real deal and includes harmonic guitar and vocal chords as well as the lesser-seen pedal steel guitar.

Ryan initially showcased the song to family and friends before deciding to make it into something more.

He managed to get others on board to help him and, after writing it for a few months, the single was finally released.

Ryan said: "The single is about raising awareness of mental health so we have been working with the Dorset Mind charity and helping raise money for them.

"[Mental health] just gets undermined quite a lot and I just wanted to do something.

"Everyone I worked with was really passionate about doing something for it and highlighting a charity that some people don't think of straight away.

"I feel strongly about it, I know a lot of friends and family feel strongly about it too. More people need to reach out and open out and mental health awareness is a big part of it."

As well as help from Sean Hatton, Ryan was joined by Jack Grace on guitar, bass and vocals, Jamie Craig on drums, Joe Smith on the pedal steel, Ryan O'Shaughnessy on vocals with graphics by George Okeye.

The song was recorded at Basement Studios.

The song is largely based on the idea of community and looking out for one another.

Chris Price, chief executive of Dorset Mind, said: "I think the single is really good and the artists are really impressive but what is most impressive is this group who are working together to raise money and awareness for mental health. I think it's outstanding."

To buy the single visit beatingheartsingle.co.uk or visit facebook.com/beatingheartcharitysingle.